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Minto Mapleton

Financial Incentives for a new family physician joining the Minto-Mapleton community:

Under the Northern and Rural Recruitment and Retention Initiative (NRRR Initiative), a new physician recruit starting their practice in the Minto-Mapleton area is eligible for a grant totaling $84,302.49 for four years return-of-service. This money would be distributed over the course of the four years as follows:

Year 1 (40%): $33,721.00
Year 2 (15%): $12,645.37
Year 3 (15%): $12,645.37
Year 4 (30%): $25,290.75

More information about this program is available here:

Mount Forest and Area

The township of Wellington North (Mount Forest) is eligible for the HealthForceOntario Northern and Rural Recruitment and Retention Initiative funding. This funding offers taxable finanical incentives to each eligible physician who establishes a full-time practice in the community. The $80,400 grant is paid over a four-year period.

Centre Wellington

Funding available for set up costs.

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