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We would like you to imagine yourself flourishing in our community. Take a moment to dive deeper into the population, economy, housing and frequently asked questions about what you can expect.


Drayton, Minto-Mapleton. 


Minto-Mapleton has a wide range of housing to suit your lifestyle,  heritage homes, apartments with affordable rent, and new subdivisions. There is an  excellent mix of options. 

Explore Drayton Ridge, Ontario's First Agrihood Community. Click Here.

Work Opportunities for my Loved Ones

While there are many opportunities for you as a physician, employment options for your spouse, partner or family members are also available. Our municipal economic developers are progressive, building strong, resilient and inclusive economies. You will be surprised at the variety of employers - everything from engineering to consulting firms to auto manufacturing and energy storage facilities.


Minto-Mapleton is home to many elementary schools, including French immersion programs, and offers easy access to secondary schools. View list of schools here.

Child Care. 

Minto-Mapleton has many options for child care, from After School Programs, Youth Services, to Licensed Child Care Centres. For a full list of social services offered please visit the Wellington County website.


Whatever your needs, Minto-Mapleton has the right shopping choice for you. If you are looking for big-box stores or larger malls, they are only a 30 minute drive away. 

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