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Conestogo Lake,  Wellington County.

Minto-Mapleton is home to...

The Palmerston and District Hospital, the Minto Rural Health Centre, the Palmerston and the Clifford Medical Centers, and Long-term care homes to name a few of our healthcare facilities. 


Minto is a municipality that consists of Harriston, Palmerston, Clifford and surrounding areas. In Mapleton, the "urban" centres of the township are made up of Drayton, Moorefield and Alma. Together, creating the Minto-Mapleton communities. 

Testimonial Video 

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Learning and work opportunities in Minto-Mapleton.

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Explore our historic communities, culture and nature. 

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Discover why Minto-Mapleton is a great place to call home. 

If you can get a latte, then you aren't really rural.

Minto-Mapleton is home to... 

...the communities of Palmerston, Harriston, Drayton and Clifford. Our 15 bed acute care hospital is located in the town of Palmerston, and medical clinics are located throughout all of the communities. 

Minto-Mapleton offers all of the benefits of rural living with the advantage of being located close to urban centres. Looking to own a home with ample property or drive to work with no traffic? Minto-Mapleton is the place for you.  Please take the time to explore this website and find out all the reasons why we love working and living here.

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