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Diving deeper into information about the population, economy, and housing may help you to see a bigger picture of what life would be like living and working in Mount Forest.


Mount Forest, North Wellington. 


Mount Forest and Area has a wide range of housing to suit your lifestyle,  heritage homes, apartments with affordable rent, and new subdivisions. There is an  excellent mix of options. 

Work Opportunities for my Loved Ones

While there are many opportunities for you as the physician, employment options for your spouse, partner or family members are also available.


From primary to secondary, public or catholic, Mount Forest has many schools to choose from. Local daycares are also available for the wee ones. To see options, click here.

Child Care.

Mount Forest and surrounding area has many options for child care, from After School Programs, Youth Services, to Licensed Child Care Centres. For a full list of social services offered please visit the Wellington County website.


Whatever your needs, Mount-Forest has the right shopping choice for you. Looking for big-box stores or malls - no worries, they are a short drive away.

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